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UTI - Blood clots in urine

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Is it normal to have blood clots in urine with a uti? I woke up this morning feeling fine and then around 3pm I had that uti feeling. I get one at least three times a year so I know when I am about to get one. So a hour or two passed it got to the point I couldn't move I hurt so bad so I went again the the bathroom and noticed blood clots on the toilet paper and then my urine started to turn pink. I have never had macroscopic blood in my urine before and especially never blood clots. They are not large... Sometimes I'll pass one and sometimes two. I don't feel them and I don't have any pain in my back or side. Everything is just in my abdomen. Im on an antibiotic that my doctor prescribed me and once the office opens on Tuesday ( gotta love the drs summer hours) I will make an appointment. Just curious if I should go to the ER? I tried looking up information online but many say that it only happens if you left it untreated for a long time. I guess if it was symptomless for a week then yeah. My symptoms started late in the day and then clots two hrs later. Help!
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