I began having flank pain on the left side about 3 weeks ago had dipstick and negative then culture saying had uti. Took cipro, made me horribly sick, stopped and the pain came back with a vengance on both sides and in the rib area also burning pain in my back. I feel awful. I was put on macrobid but its taking forever to work and ended up at the urgent care center. They took more tests but dont know the results yet. I am having pains in back, constipated, not as much urination now, and now my groin nodes have swollen and they hurt so much. I'll add I never had burning upon urination. Does this sound like kidney infection or something else. Also has anyone been on Macrobid for Kidney infection and how long did it take to work????

Any help greatly appreciated..
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replied April 21st, 2008
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Hi and Welcome to ehealth

Sorry you are suffering like this.
Did they do an ultrasound or CT scan? Are you seeing a urologist?

Do you have any blood in your urine? Does the pain get worse when you increase your fluids?

It could be anything from an infection, kidney stone, obstruction (UPJ or UVJ type obstruction). I've had all of these.

I haven't been on Macrobid in years but if I remember correctly it took a few days before I began to feel a little relief. Are taking anything to help with the pain?

Keep us posted...I hope you feel better soon..Smile
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