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UTI and fishy smelling vagina

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I keep getting a lot of UTI's and my vagina has a fishy strong smell all the time, it's very unpleasant smelling. I've had a pap already and the results was I didn't have an STD. I don't know what's wrong? I've been dating my bf for a year and a half, and we don't use condoms just baby oil. Could this be the problem? I asked my doctor about my multiple UTI's and she said it's nothing to worry about, I just have to pee before and after sex, I do that. But what about my smell? I wash down there every time I shower, my boyfriend says I am supposed to finger myself(not sexually) but just to clean it out. Please help I don't know what's wrong. Additional Info: after sex a couple of times a milky white discharge ended up on the bed and on my bf's penis, and it came from my vagina. I know I'm not pregnant, because I'm not gaining weight and I've been having my period. Also my boyfriend is faithful so it's not from him being promiscuous and cheating.
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replied November 15th, 2009
Ive had similar problem without the smell. I get very sore too, to the point i cant have sex for weeks. It sounds to me like bacterial vaginosis. Its not an sti and u can get a gel for this from boots the chemist. Im going to my doctor next week for antibiotics, u should ask for a test for BV too. Maybe invest in some proper personal lubricant.
Hope u feel better soon
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replied August 9th, 2010
Baby oil - that is the problem, the purfumes and chemicals used to make that product are very stressful for the virgina to get rid of - hence the smell. if what you say is true and you partner is absolutly not cheating then you are safe, just stop the baby oil...pronto!!!

Also as women we dont need soap on our virgina to clean, just water, clean with water ONLY, after a week of doing this - i promise the smell will go, NO BABY OIL, NO SOAP.....No problem.

You can buy special lubricants from the chemist, that last along time - dont be embarrassed about buying them - there sold at the chemist for a reason!!!!
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