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uterus and baby measuring off

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So i went to my ob today and she normally tells me whats going on but today she was in a rush so we didnt get to talk... Well i am suppose to be 33 5 days today but baby girl is measuring 35 weeks 5 days and whats even stranger to me is my uterus is measuring 38 weeks! I have had 2 steriod shots and that was 2 weeks ago to help her lung maturity. I am also suppose to have a amnio august 3 to see if her lungs are mature! I am just worried i wont make it that far seeing has i got pregnant 3 months after my son was born. I am having another csection this time around and just worried that if i go into labor my scar my tear. Has anyone ended up going into labor early because of their uterus measuring way off? what could make this happen? i cant seem to find any forums with women who have gone through this

Please if someone has the answer let me know!
Thank you so much
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