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Useful resource for deciding on prostate cancer treatment

Have read some of the posts up here. I just wanted to share with you a really useful resource which i've just read, and its given me a lot more comfort on my chosen treatment. I have PSA 5 , gleason score 7, and my doctor has suggested I have surgery. I know that there are a number of treatment options, and I wasn't sure whether I had been recommended the best treatment. I was going to get a second opinion, but I read this book instead, and it answered a lot of the questions I had. It talks about the pros and cons of each treatment and backs it up with the statistics, and I havn't found something with this detail anywhere else. Its also written for patients - so really easy to understand.
The only downside is that the book does not talk about cyberknife or proton therapy, but these are really new treatments, so there is probably not enough stats on how these compare to other treatments anyway.

Based on the information I read in this book, i've decided to go ahead with surgery, and am waiting on my operation date.

This guide has just come out and has all the latests stats and data available on the established treatments available (both surgical and non-surgical).
Hope it helps you too!

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