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urine infection ?

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hi a 29 yr old female and im wondering has anyone had it where every monring they get this intense feeling they need to urinate and as you do urinate it can feel really intense. i don't feel any pain though and It tends to get almost back to normal by the afternoon so is wierd, i went to doc who dip tested it and said i don't seem to have infection so he has sent my sample to lab for further tests.
The thing is if he says i don't have a urine infection then what is it!... its really getting on my nerves. and i blame sex for it. i have been drinking cranberry juice and drinking water and am on a short course of pills from doc until results come through. im just worried im gonna be stuck with this as its really not nice having the need to pee constantly every morning
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replied September 7th, 2008
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Wow ive finally found some one in the same postion as me, ill give you a quick run through my problems. Feels like a uti but doctor says im fine did dip test and is clear, sent me for blood tests which came back clear, so no treatment and still with this problem and yes it does get worse when im having sex or drink alchol, Also just to tick one more thing of the list i went for std testing im still waiting for the test results. If you found out what is it and how to get rid of it please let me know Smile All the best Sarah
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