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urinating during orgasm?!

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I am not currently sexually active so I typically masturbate using clitoral stimulation only well recently I've been "leaking" during/immediately after orgasm. I don't think I'm "squirting" only because one, I don't stimulate my g spot and two, I've NEVER EVER squirted before. I empty my bladder before masturbation then halfway through I empty it again (it fills up so quick! could that be from arousal?) and as soon as I come I leak and it feels like I'm peeing. I heard that it's impossible to urinate during orgasm but others say it is possible in women. I don't understand why this is happening! I'm young and I don't have any bladder control problems and before this all happened I could masturbate on a full bladder and never leak or even feel the need to. I have been extremely horny lately and recently started masturbating with my new vibrator and watching porn on the internet if that has anything to do with it. I'm also on a new set of prescription pills but I don't think that has anything to do with it. I don't know. What could be going on?
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replied September 4th, 2011
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It is normal for your bladder to fill up rapidly during arousal and stimulation. This is likely a cleaner fluid than urine. Scientists do not understand this process yet, but it is well doocumented in recent studies.

What does it look, smell and taste like? If it is like urine, it is urine. Else, it is likely gushing of this clear fluid from your bladder.

Squirting and gushing is not necessarily related to vaginal (g-spot) stimulation or orgasms. During the biggest medical study on female ejaculation, many women gushed from clitoral stimulation long before orgasm.

Women's bladders do not close during sex. That happens only in men. If you are using a vaginal vibrator, you can be stimulating the bladder spinchter muscle through your vaginal wall (it is behind the g-spot) to the point where it will just let go and open up.

Whatever it is, just enjoy it. It sounds like you are having a lot of fun. Trying to stop or control this will likely change your enjoyment. Any future partner will likely take it as a compliment if you gush and squirt for him/her.

Depending on what pills yu are using, it can be playing a role. Doing lots and lots of kegel exercises can only help improve the muscle control in your pelvic floor, so try to do as many as you can. That might help you control it better, if you do decide to try to control it.

Best of luck!
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