hi! I am dnd free! I have no signs of Ghonnerhia, herpes, hiv,,,nothing of that sort,,,well, I had a BJ hook up with my friend who i have known for 1 one year! It was our first time giving one another a BJ! I trust him, and i know for a fact he also never had any diseases! He never has hooks up or unprotected sex! So, both him and I were clean when we gave each other a BJ! we did not have any anal sex, nor did we swallow each other cum! a month later after giving each other a BJ, he calls to tell me that he had a physical, and his doctor says he has a urinary tract infection since he gets a "burning" feeling when he urinates! He claims I gave it to him since I was the last person he was intimate with! My heart was broken when he made that accusation because i know i was clean that night when i gave him BJ! What confuses me is, if I didn't have any urinary tract disease when i gave me him a BJ, and he never had hooks up with anyone prior to me, then, how could he have gotten it?
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replied August 16th, 2011
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Not all urinary tract infections are caused by STDs, in fact, most are not. The most common organism causing UTI is E. coli. Not all burning on urination is an infection, and in men prostatitis can cause the same symptom.

Unless a culture was done, and a specific bacteria was isolated, there is no way of telling where the infection came from.

Now, that is not to say that the normal bacteria in the mouth cannot cause an UTI, because it can. But, there is nothing that anyone can do about that, it is normal to have bacteria in the mouth.

The urinary tract is sterile, in other words, it does not contain any bacteria (unlike the GI tract, which has to have bacteria to function). So, if bacteria, does get in, however, it could cause an infection.

Good luck.
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