Back in June 2016 my uric acid was around 8.1. I was put on Uloric 40mg. During June to -Dec I continued with the same diet and had no flare ups and gained about 15-20 pounds. During the beginning of this year I went on a diet lost 40lbs had quit drinking stayed away from all the foods on the list etc. etc, exercised daily. Went back and the uric acid test results just came back at 8.5. How is that possible? Could my uric acid gone up that much from June-Dec and then it did go down just not that much from Jan-end of Feb? How long does medicine and eating/drinking right take for the levels to drop usually? They have now upped my Uloric to 80mg

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replied November 16th, 2017
I don't know about Uloric, but it is probably the same as Allopurinol, and I got the same results:
To see if drugs had any effect n my gout I did a 13-month study (with my MD) on the use of Allopurinol to reduce blood uric acid levels. The first month (at 100 mg/day) it helped reduce it from 8.2 to 6.8, and the next two months (at 200 mg/day) it was reduced to 5.9. Unfortunately, after another two months (at 200 mg/day) it went up to 7.7 so I used 300 mg/day and after three more months my blood uric acid level went to 8.7 and after five more months (with no Allopurinol) it settled at 8.6. It does work at first, reducing blood uric acid, but in the long run is not worth the 1-point drop and its annoying side effects.

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