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Urethra Irritation

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About two months ago, I went to a party where I held my urine for sometime and thought I will go after I get home. Since then I am having urinary problems including constant feeling of going to bathroom, pain and burning.

I saw my physician and of course first thing came to mind was UTI, so she gave me an antibiotic. After a week no improvment, she gave me another anti-biotic. That did not help either. I changed my physician (not because of this alone, I was already thinking about it), and the other physician gave one more anti-biotic, but no improvement. After having symptoms for about 3 to 4 weeks, I finally went to a urologist.

1st urologist visit:
Put me on Urelle saying that it could be the bladder irritation. His theory was that I have to give my bladder a chance to recover until then we will numb it so that it doesn't bother me too much.

It helped a little bit but not much. My frustration was growing. I went back to the urologist.

2nd urologist visit:
Examined with the camera (some scopy, dont remmeber the name). Found nothing. However he said that from physical exam (with hands) he can feel like it is the irritated urethra. He asked me to continue to take Urelle and he also gave me Tramadol for pain.

After waiting for a week or so, when that did not help, I went to the urologist again.

3rd urologist visit:
He asked me to get the MRI done. I did. The MRI turned out to be all clear. He asked me to continue on Urelle and take Tramadol for pain.

So here I am after over two months now, my symptoms haven't improved. I tried to stop taking Urelle for a couple of days, it made it worse. I have been taking Urelle all this time otherwise, and it sometimes does help relieve the symtoms or reduce the intensity, but the pain and the constant feeling of going to bathroom continues. Now it is getting very frustrating and it is driving me nuts.

Please help if you know of any other possible causes or know of any treatment. It is getting intolerable now. Please help.

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