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Upset stomach for over a week, no vomiting, anxiety...(long)

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Any advice is appreciated!
For 1 week and a half I've had an upset stomach. I have a headache that goes away when I go to sleep at night and then comes back half way through the day. Sometimes it's worse than other days. I am not vomiting. My bowel movements have been a little off. It's normal in the morning. TMI: Not a different color, no blood. My urine has a stronger smell. When I breathe really heavy, yawn, or sneeze, I get a stretching pain on my left side a little bit under my rib. My stomach ache just feels upset. It's not a sharp pain, it's not a cramping feeling, it just feels like I ate too much candy, or ate too much sweets. I feel bloated even when i'm not. When I wake up in the morning the upset feeling isn't really present, but the left side pain is when I yawn. It doesn't feel better if I eat, if anything it starts to hurt when I finally eat breakfast and then I have it all day. If I lye on my back it makes the feeling subside, so that's how i've been sleeping. I have been belching more than normal, and flactulating a lot more since i've had the stomach ache. I had constant hunger pain all day long. The stomach ache came on all of a sudden when I woke up one morning.

I've went to my doctor about 4 days ago and he put me on prilosec because he though it was stomach acid building up. The only difference i've seen is the constant hunger pain has subsided a little bit. He also put me on an anxiety/anti-depressant because I've been feeling extremely fatigued for about 2 months, crying all the time, and no motivation. I have been going through a lot, I am a college student and stressed with school, as well as my fiance has been newly enlisted into the Army and has been gone off an on since may. Im not handeling it very well and the doctor said that my stomach and headache may be part of my stress and anxiety from school and my fiance being gone. Now with being sick and not knowing whats wrong with me, it makes me even more nervous.

Please help!
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replied November 11th, 2012
Especially eHealthy

It sounds like your stress and anxiety are the root cause of your problems. It is well known that stress and anxiety and lead to depression, and also to the headaches and “stomach problems”.

If you get the stress, anxiety, and depression under control, your other health problems will most likely go away, or diminish significantly.

But, taking just medication (antidepressant) will most likely not completely take care of your problems. You will most likely also need some counseling. Also, your fiance returning and you completing this semester of courses will help tremendously.

Again, from the symptoms you describe, it is classic for stress, anxiety, and depression leading to physical problems. Headache, stomach pains, chest pains, joint/muscle aches, pelvic pain, are all very commonly seen in patients with depression and anxiety. You have a classic presentation.

Again, take your medication and try to talk with someone. It does not necessarily have to be with a mental health professional (psychiatrist, psychologist); it can be with a good, trusted friend, a professor, coach, guidance counselor, spiritual advisor (pastor, priest, rabbi, etc) - someone you trust and can feel comfortable talking to. But, if you do not have anyone to talk with, you might want to look into speaking with a mental health professional. CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) has been shown to work very well in terms of a short course of counseling helping patients in your situation.

Good luck.
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replied November 12th, 2012
gealic, great information but the op already knows he has an axiety/stress issue. you can tell by his avatar, which is a rain cloud.

try not to let the anxiety and stress get to you, before it destroys your life like it did mine. i had general anxiety so bad that i would sweat all the time whenever i was in public, or even the thought of going in public, or doing normal activites. i would plan out in my head how i would go about my activites so i didnt look like a fool to everyone else.

that led to the downfall of my pancreas, my immune systmem, a c. diff infection and crohns disease. i got over that, got over my anxiety that i had for no reason, and got my life on track. the pancreas excret cortisol, which is a hormone that calms the body and regulates it under stressful situations. when the pancreas itself is too stressed out, it cant produce cortiosol, and inflammation is allowed to build for no apparent reason. then you need prendisone, which is synethic cortisol, an anti-inflmmatory. then you pancres shrink becuase there is an abundance of synethic cortisol. is a vicious cycle. somehow i beat it. dont fall into it.

now recently i have dislocated my wrist and it didnt heal right. i am back in the pisser again, at only 21 y.o.

i suggest you enjoy life while you can and get over your anxiety without medicine (or with minor medication) till you can do it yourself. you dont want to become dependant on anything.

dont take life for granted. espeically when people have true illnesses, that they cant beat even if they want to. i know your situation may be difficult, but its overcomable.
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