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Upset about getting pregnant again after medical abortion

My husband and I are in our late 20s and we are still struggling with finances enough as it is with our college loan debts. He has a job and I don't due to having a hard time finding anything that I am not "overqualified" for. We live in a one-bedroom apartment in a town where we still hardly know anyone and that is 7 states away from where we are from. We have a plan to save up for a house or at least a 2 bedroom townhouse before having kids. We are still fiddling with the idea of having kids or not because of our family backgrounds which I'd rather not get into. I used to be on the pill for 15 years and I quit the pill in 08 because I wanted to be medication free cause I felt the hormones were really messing with my body and mind. We have been careful with sex for the 7 years we have been together. It was always either with a condom or not. I do not use any other contraceptives like the iud because of the hormones that are in it and that there have been stories of reactions with the copper version that scares me. I do get panic attacks every now and then... which wouldn't be great with the copper iud. I am not crazy about putting some contraceptive gels that are full of chemicals inside my vagina. I live an organic and raw, holistic lifestyle.

So, after Christmas, I found out I was pregnant because I was a few days late for my period. The thought of being pregnant scared me and I cried because I do NOT feel ready and NOT want to be pregnant with our poor financial income, husband agreed. I had a hard time finding any kind of information about an abortion center here in Florida... one of the worst states that you can never be so sure what side the person you meet is on. I do have insurance with my husband from his employment. I had to call multiple doctor offices and planned parenthood across 4 counties to find one that would do the pill abortion and have insurance cover it cause we sure don't have the luxury to have 500 bucks stashed away for anything. We had to buy new car tires and pay the new increase in our apartment rent.

The center I went to was great and they helped me file the claim for my insurance which I have yet to hear back if they will reimburse the $500 for the abortion.

Now it has been almost a month since the painful pill miscarriage. I am still waiting for my period to come.... I was curious if I was possibly pregnant again since we only had sex 3 times since the miscarriage ( I bled for 3 weeks on and off). Two of the times were with a condom and one was without because he wanted to FEEL the sex. However, he pulled out before he came like all the other times we've had sex without a condom over the last 7 years....

I still have boxes of home EPTs from the last time I was concerned. I took one test (ClearblueFearlier this afternoon, it had a bold horizontial line and a very faint vertical line. This has me even more concerned... I do not want to be pregnant again, especially right after I had the pill miscarriage and that we are strapped for cash, no reimbursement from my insurance yet, and we live in a very small apartment (615 sq ft).

I feel so upset about this because I feel that there should be another way to have protection from pregnancy without medicine, hormone, sterilization, condoms (for the hubby) and abstinence. We are still unsure if we want kids, but we don't want to sterilize ourselves just yet.

Florida sucks for not having much support for pro-choice & pro-abortion women.

Sorry that this is long, but I felt I needed to get this off my chest as we haven't told anyone we know about this at all, except for one of my gfs who is busy 24/7.
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replied August 29th, 2013
Just read this and was confused as to why no one had replied. What happened? Were you pregnant, and if so, what did you do?
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