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Upper/side back pain/leg numbness?

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My boyfriend has been having back pains and they've gotten more severe. When he tries to lay down it makes his legs numb and tingly, and there are very few sitting positions even just now that he can do without pain. He did say leaning forward seemed to help ease it some. The pain seems to not be in any one place, but moves and tends to be more on his upper and middle parts of his back, but on the sides not down the middle. I know a bit about lower back pain, but nothing about this. Any ideas on what it might be and what he can do to ease the pain? I know that his job sometimes requires heavy lifting and that hasn't helped the situation. It may have even brought on this more serious pain that he's been having recently.

EDIT: He also says the lower middle back right above his tailbone hurts as well. The pain just seems to be in various places which is harder to pin down what could be causing it I think.
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replied November 1st, 2011
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Lower back pain can cause muscle spasams effecting other muscles else where. He could go ahead and see a chiropractor and get about 6 adjustments (3 x's a week for two weeks) and if that doesnt help, the next step would to see an Orhopedic doctor and get an MRI to see what is going on...In the mean time, have him lay on a heating pad or take a hot bath for 20 min's and then follow up with heat. Would also take some Ibrophen for inflammation but Ice will help with the pain temporarily..
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