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Upper right molar pain on and off

Hello! I'm new to this but would be very happy if anyone could answer me!

Right, I have had a short, stabbing pain on and off for the last few weeks in my upper right molar. It could overall be there for an hour or so, on and off, then disappear for a few days and come back out of nowhere again. I went to my dentist about it and he told me he couldn't see anything wrong with it and one of my lower teeth had a cavity that may have been causing it. He gave me a filling in that tooth. That was a week ago and I think the pain is actually getting worse. It feels like the tooth is cracking as the pain emanates sometimes. It just doesn't feel like a normal toothache. It pulsates and I automatically wince and tense up.
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replied May 3rd, 2013
I noticed (before I had my molars pulled) that infections in molars, ESPECIALLY uppers, tend to feel completely different. It's a throb, like you can feel a sharp pulse of pain go from the molar up your cheek bone?

It might not be an infected tooth, but have you tried tapping the tooth (not enough to damage it!)? Sounds odd, but I've had to do this as my teeth got worse, because I can't always tell which tooth the infection is in. Tapping each tooth in that general area of your mouth, until one hurts/feels more pressure/just feels different than the rest, can tell you if you might have an infection. Sometimes dentists can't always tell the tooth is infected until there's major swelling or severe pain from a specific tooth.

Hope I helped in some way, and I hope you feel better!

PS: If you find it does hurt a particular tooth when you tap it, and your dentist doesn't agree, find another one if you're comfortable, or go right to the ER to get antibiotics and pain relief.

Best wishes!
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