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Upper/Mid back pain *Can't take it anymore!*

I've had back pain due to a twisted spine for the past 5 or so years now, it's been getting worse, now that I am in Cosmetology school. What can I do to help myself? I stretch every morning, and all threw out the day. Chiropractors did not help, I feel like if I don't find some thing soon I'm not going to finish school, and I'm only 10 weeks in. If it wasn't for my dogs I wouldn't get up in the morning, but I can hardly bend over to pick them up any more. I am on the larger side, and due to my back, I had to stop ridding horses, and I eat when I get depressed. I know my size is not helping, but any thing I do to loose weight causes more pain. I've been eating better, and I only drink water now, but I think my fat likes me to much. ANY way, I need help I'm only 20 I hate feeling this way.
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replied March 10th, 2013
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Don't worry too much about your weight. There are plenty of thin people with back pain so weight does not have to equal back pain.
It is good you are stretching but you need to do the RIGHT stretches for your twisted spine. When you hit the right one, you will feel it.
Here are some for twisted spine (Do a Google search for pictures and video).
1) "Gravity drop e-cise"
- Against the wall, NOT free standing!
- Keep both hips at the wall - one may try to lift off the wall.
3) "Upper spinal floor twist"
- It is not how far you stretch but that you can stretch EQUALLY to the left and right.
- To balance out your hips, lift the top leg up towards your chest while pressing DOWN on the knee with your hand. This will engage your hip flexor and you may feel a difference between your right and left leg.
4) "Downward dog"
5) "Static extension on elbows"
- As you say you are twisted, you will find one shoulder rounds forward more than the other. Make sure to pinch that shoulder back. This will pull your shoulder back / put a bigger arch on that side of your back / put a bigger arch into your hip.
6) Stretch your hip flexors with one of these. You will find one hip is tighter than the other:
- Front leg up on a step of chair will give a better front-of-hip stretch.
6c) "Supine Groin Stretch"
- This is the most gentle stretch for your hips but it can take 20 minutes for the muscles to let go.

Let me know how these go.
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replied March 11th, 2013
Thanks I'll try those out. Smile
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