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upper back rib cage pain

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Hi. About 10 months ago i fell off my pedal bike & landed on my left shoulder.
I didn't feel anything at the time or indeed until just recently.
However, in the beginning of May i started to have feeling of not being able to expel air from my lungs. Since then my breathing has been very shallow.
In the last few days i have noticed my upper left back by the shoulder blade has a
funny tissue which wobbles across the upper back rib cage quite close to the neck.
When it is pushed it inwards it triggers like a nerve jumpyness movement where i will quickly jerk. There is also some pain aswell.
When i sit back in a chair & put some pressure on the left shoulder blade, i start to breath much better & deeply.
When my back is not supported, i cannot breath very well.
Could the muscle / cage in my upper left back be casusing the breathing problems.
It is the breathing out which is the hardest to do.
It feels like the muscle has "popped" out from in between the bones etc.
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replied November 20th, 2009
Extremely eHealthy
hi...where breathing is involved as well as a possible fatty tumor under the skin i would see your primary care dr. it may only be a muscle spasm. ....pete
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