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Upper back pain between shoulder blades - especially when lying

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Hey guys, I've been having this back pain for a few months now. It's quite annoying and I've had to stop working out because of it.

It's hard to pinpoint the pain, but it's somewhere in between my shoulder blades (or maybe a bit lower down) and the pain is usually not bad unless I'm twisting my torso in either direction. The pain gets worse when I lie down, but ONLY for a few minutes! And it's especially bad during those few minutes when I get into bed and when I'm exhaling. At the apex of the exhale the pain is most intense (stays intense as I hold the exhale). It hurts even more if I push down on my sternum. But after a couple of minutes the pain just goes away, as if it was some sort of "readjustment" or "stretch" back to normal.

It would also hurt when I bent my head far forward, but that seems to have gotten better over the past few weeks.

I do work as a pharmacy technician and am pretty tall and I noticed that looking down at the low counters can sometimes bother my upper back. I wouldn't be surprised if that was in some way related.

Any idea what this is? Can I keep my intense workouts going on?
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