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Upper back/neck/shoulder/face muscle problems

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My main symptoms are;

-Extremely sore neck and upper shoulder muscles(tons of knots and band like parts of muscle) I found an extremely painful band that goes from my right shoulder up the right side of my neck.

-Full sinuses(they crack and pop) They will also feel like they are filling up making it hard to take in a breath

-Balance Issues. I have pinpointed where the off balance feeling comes from and I believe it is from the muscles in the back of the head where the neck and skull meet.

-Anxiety(Worse than I've ever had)

-My right shoulder is higher than my left


-Blurry Vision

-Facial pain

-Jaw cracking

-Eyes extremely sensitive to sunlight

-Noticeable lean to the left

That is pretty much the symptoms that bother me the most. I can say that first thing in the morning and later in the day is the worst time for me. When I wake up my upper body is super stiff, then it fades a little but is still noticeable. As the day goes on the symptoms get worse and worse, never actually going away.

Some weird things I've noticed are: I have a much larger knot at the base of my neck on the right than the left. Yet most of my pain is felt on the left side of my face and neck.

Just below my ear and in front of my left jaw there it is a bit swollen. It feels like a band with a ball in it. I can move the ball around, This could be a knot.

I have another lump on the left side on the inside of my jaw. Which is tender at times.

I have seen an oral surgeon(for tmj) but he was little help. Just pushed muscle relaxers and said don't eat certain foods. I've also seen a chiropractor but he was not very good at all and was more of a "healing center" type chiropractor. I was also seeing a psychologist before my insurance ran out.

Has anyone had any of these symptoms? How did you get rid of them? Or at least get them to be manageable? I was also wondering what my next step should be? I find myself always being let down with the Doctors that I see because their "solutions" aren't really solutions just band aids.
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