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upper abdominal pain on eating

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my daughter is experiencing sharp, upper abdominal pain, just below the sternum when eating and drinking. The pain is sharp and cramping. As food enters the stomach, she suffers pain and is now unable to eat anything other than tiny amounts.
She has lost over half a stone in 5 days. A&E could find nothing wrong, hospital visit could find nothing wrong. Stomach palpation is normal, urine, bp, pulse normal.
Diagnosed possible gastritis but without accompanying symptoms. Advice please? thank you
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replied November 22nd, 2010
Well my mother also suffered from such thing, but she is quiet normal now, Someone suggested her a exercise. May be it help your daughter. Excercise go in this way :
Arrange a mat on the floor. then relax your body on that mat, with head facing ceiling, remember keep your legs and arms straight( without bending knees and arms) then move your right leg up take in breathe and then push the leg outside with full force then breathe out. then put the leg down in relaxing mode. and repeat the whole phenomena with left feet.
do it twice a day with empty stomach for a week then she will be fine...
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