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Hello all, this is my first post here. For the past month I am having some weird chest pain and upper stomach pain.

So I will start from the beginning. I am a 29 years old male with perfect health and no history of any illness. A month ago I start having this weird chest pain, I am a pretty heavy smoker and I was thinking this might be due to the amount of cigarettes that I smoked per day. I cut down smoking to like 8-10 per day, but the pain doesn't go away. Then 4 or 5 days later I start having upper abdomen pain, its so uncomfortable combining with the chest pain, so I went to the hospital to check it out. They did chest xray and a complete blood count on me, said my lungs and my heart is fine and then send me home.

The next day, I start having this weird abdomen pain, I lost my appetite, can't eat after a few bites, and theres this cramping feeling in my stomach. I then went and check out with my family doctor, he said I am probably having gastritis, and prescribe me some antacid (forgot the name sorry), which doesn't work at all. A week later I am still not eating, and losing weight, so my family doctor told me to double the dosage on the antacid, which, doesn't help me as well. My barium x ray appointment is like 1 month from now, and my endoscopy appointment is like half a year from now... hurray for medical services in Canada.

So I went and check out with my family doctor again, he then prescribe me prevacid, 30 mg a day, after taking the first pill, I gain my appetite back, I have been eating normally since. Problem being, I still have this persistent chest pain and upper abdomen pain, eating does soothe the pain a bit, but then it will come back if I didn't eat for 4 to 5 hours. A week later, I start having lower abdominal pain sometime as well, and my bowel movement ranging from 1 time per day to 3 to 4 times per day, no blood in stool tho thankfully. Could this be the side effect of prevacid ?

So my main question is, am I having gastritis or a stomach ulcer ? or something more serious ? and does smoking prevent my stomach from healing that bad ? I am under lots of stress from home and family issues I will go insane if I quit smoking, I smoke around 8-10 per day now, which is reduced from 2 packs per day. Oh and I got my blood test done for h pylori which came back negative, could this be a false negative since I am on antacid medication ?
Sorry for so many questions but I am very concern, this problem is keeping me away from a normal social life. Any input is appreciated, thanks

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