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Upper Ab muscle or intercostal injury ?


I have had a pain in my right upper abdominal area since July. I have seen 2 physiotherapists and one who couldn't diagnosis it and one other said it sounded like an intercostal injury. My doc thinks its a chest wall injury but i feel like it is more related to the upper section of the abdomen.

I first stained it nearly two years ago on the treadmill and 60 minutes into a long run i felt a sharp pain and a cramping sensation straight away. Stopped running applied the RICE techniques and a few weeks to a month later it had gone. resumed full training and everything seemed ok.

In July i had been training for my new sport of Karate and after doing a lot of cardio and some high impacts twisting kicks on the bag i felt a cramps in the area of questions near the end of the session, but as s oon as i stopped exercising the pain disappeared. This twinge since July hasn't really gone away with the only thing that doesn't really bring it on is cycling. I can get out of breath without any problems without any pain or next day swelling.

Since July i have been still weight training which i think may be another factor. After doing a chest session the area is a little tender.

Now recently this month, i had been feeling like the pain had been easing up.
So on Friday i decided to do a little kick workout after a long stretch and warm up exercises and the twinge which felt like a mini tear came back and the morning pain returned.

I believe but i would like to know if it is a muscle pull or tear in my upper ab and due to that being the pivot "centre of gravity" during my kicks it is absorbing a lot of the impact of a bag kick. I hope i am right.Even when i jog it hurts after a while.

I don't think it is an intercostal injury due to the fact i can breath in and out no problems and i can get out of breath on the bike without any pain. but i am no expert.

The cramping pain stops as soon as i relax and then it is hard to find the pain and problematic area.

is my diagnosis right or does it sound like a intercostal problem?
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replied December 17th, 2010
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Hi twshalo: Only you can determine what the problem is with this injury....Good luck....

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