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updating-could i be pregnant?

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So its been about 12 days since ive had unprotected sex.
I was suppose to get my period yesterday or today (its never late)
Last night i could not sleep at all, im hungry all the time, heartburn, sore breasts (sometimes breasts become sore before my period though), when i eat;after, i feel nauseas, i have had dizzy spills, it looks like a brownish discharge.
I was really anxious to take a pregnancy test so i drank a whole bunch so i could urinate, and it just came up negative right when my urine touched it, so im waiting til thursday morning to take a new test (heard its best to urinate in the morning, more hCG in urine). Anyone can comment if they have had symptoms like this, i would like opinions or some answers!
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replied June 2nd, 2011
I have those symptoms to..but my dizzy spells are really often. i have unprotected sex all the time but im not pregnant because his sperm count is way to low..
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