I went to the doctor Wed and he said there is nothing wrong-LOL. Fusion is good and it looks good below the fusion. He said it MUST be muscular. He prescribed a "non-narcotic" called Ultram.

As of Friday, the meds were not working. I went to pt and she said it seemed as though my sacral vertebrae was getting stuck when I moved from one position to the next.

Although I was in pain because, again my meds were still not working, I went to work. I also found out that Ultram is in fact a narcotic and habit forming. I could keep the pain to a level 6 or 7 if I just kept moving and since I work in a restaurant, it was not hard to keep moving. I do not lift anything because everyone there is helpful. When driving home from work, my legs seemed to be going numb. The bottom of my right foot was tingling and the heel of my left foot. Isn't this a bad sign?

My doctor insists that it isn't a vertebrae problem and is well-known enough not to listen to any physical therapist, but I think she is right. My doctor nurse is less than compationate and the thought of talking to her makes me sick. I really do not want to go to the ER, but I think I probably should have last night. I really do not want to start over with another doctor because the pain at this point is so bad that I cannot walk, sit, or stand most nights by 7. What should I do?? Is there anyone that is familiar with these symptoms??

Thanks for any reply, Lisa
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replied July 12th, 2008
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Hello Lisa,

Lisa, PLEASE find the BEST spinal surgeon that you can. Your two spinal surgeons are in my opinion far from the best.

Send me a PM and I will also try to search for the best spinal surgeon in your area. You need a doctor who LISTENS and understands. That is not happening now.

Lisa, you are getting nowhere with your currect doctor, and I believe you will not get anywhere with him in the future. NOR will your problem go away.

My thoughts and prayers are with you. It HURTS to know what you are going through.

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