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unusual relationship with food

I'm worried my friend has an eating disorder. He says he has stomach problems but his stomach is almost always bothering him. Usually he says "its probably because i haven't eaten much today." He never eats breakfast and whenever he's at my house and its dinner time he always says hes not very hungry. He is very worried about about eating expired food and he has a great fear of throwing up. When he does eat he likes to eat "simple food" that he that he believes is easy to digest like bread or crackers. He doesn't like when food is messy and has told me he doesn't like food at all. It grosses him out and he only feels he should eat it when he's hungry which seems to be rarely. He finds pepto bismal is the only thing to make him feel better so he takes it a lot. i thought maybe we he always thinks his stomach aches is because he hasn't eaten anything so the acids in his stomach were making it hurt. but then he proceeds to not eat because it hurts. I'm really worried about him and lately he's always tired and much more emotional then usual. I know he's not getting enough nutrition. I'm not sure if this would be considered an eating disorder or what i can do to help him, however.
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replied July 21st, 2010
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Hi sophie5683 and welcome to ehealth...I am not a physician, however I can give you my thoughts on your friend..It's hard to tell if he has a stomach problem or another phobia at work with food...However, I can tell you that whatever it is he needs help...See if you can get him to the doctor to explain his problems...He is going down a wrong path and like you say, he is not getting enough nutrition...I know this is difficult to do, but stay on top of him to get some help....Take care...

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replied August 1st, 2010
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Hey Sophie!

I think when he doesn't want to eat because his stomach hurts, it's true. I never want to eat when I'm acidic.

Definitely agree with Caroline that he should be brought to a doctor.

You said he likes simple food. Maybe you should keep it simple for him! Eat a lot of bread, pasta with butter or cheese, crackers with cheese, or whatever. I think maybe you need to get him on a regular eating habit first, and then maybe address his issue of finding food gross.

But of course it is best to see a doctor!!
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