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Unsure if I'm pregnant or paranoid

I'm 16 and I've sex for the first time around the 10th of this month. First my boyfriend and I had protected sex with the use of a condom. However later on that night, we had sex again without a condom. I know a few things on pre-cum and my boyfriend had pee'd before we had unprotected sex and he told me it washes the pre-cum away. Does peeing really 'wash away' the pre-cum? He also told me he would 'stay in the front' rather than putting it in deep. However it was far enough to tear my hymen for the 2nd time. I know the pull-out method is not safe, but we did it, and he did take it out when he was about to cum.
A couple days after, we had protected sex but is it possible that I get pregnant if he fingers me short while after he had touched some cum while he was changing to a new condom?
Just yesterday we were going to have sex, but before he got to fully put it in me, he had to cum and quickly pulled it out. his head might have been in me just a little bit and i don't know if there was any pre-cum or not.
But just today, I started to bleed. I should be expecting my period tomorrow, and getting it today seems pretty normal. However it seems a little different than usual. It seems less sticky, less thick looking, and seems brighter in color. I am still getting some cramps, but my periods are usually a dark red and slightly heavy. I did a little research on spotting and such, and I want to confirm whether spotting is a very little amount, not enough for a pad, only pantiliners at most. This bleeding I'm having appears to need more than a pantiliner, but a lot lighter than my usual periods. I also read that having intercourse for the first time can change your period a bit? is this true? Mainly, it is this bleeding that is getting me alittle paranoid because I cannot tell whether it is my period or spotting.
I dont feel nauseous, not craving any weird foods, nor do i have sore breasts and such. I would take a at-home pregnancy test but Ive read that you can take it 4 days before your missed period. I don't even know if this bleeding is my period, so when do I take it?

Thankyou so much for taking the time to read this!
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replied February 27th, 2011
No, peeing before having sex does not wash away the pre-cum. I would suggest taking a pregnancy test in a couple weeks, or if you don't get your period next month.
When I got pregnant, I still had my period the next month. Well, it was what I thought was my period, when actually it could have been implantation bleeding, which can occur around 7-10 days after having sex, most women, such as myself, will confuse this with there period. Which could explain why it is a lot lighter than normal.
Having unprotected sex greatly increases your chances of getting pregnant & there is a very good chance you could be. You most likely wouldn't have any of the 'pregnancy' symptoms right away, some women don't have any pregnancy symptoms at all.
Just to be safe, take a test.
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replied August 3rd, 2012
Right. Im unsure what the hell is wrong with me! Im 19 and was given my first depo injection over 7 weeks ago because i was having heavy bleeding while not on my period but the doctor said its fine. Before then ive had heavy bleeding sickness tender breasts outragous mood swings and sharp stabbing pains near or possibly my ovaries. Started to feel worse after injection but doctor just gave me the other depo injection 6 weeks into my first one Everytime i go to the doctors they keep sending me on my way with paracetamols and im starting to get very worried. If anyone can kinda help me out that would be great!! Smile
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