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Unsure and is this normal??

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Hi, my girlfriend just ended our 2years relationship and i feel like crap, i haven't eaten or any drink (water) for less than 3 days and i lost half a stone, im on the sick from work because of all this. part of me wants her back but i think i only feel like this because im not use to being alone again and in a big bed yet or i still love her, we did everything together to fast she moved into mine and we did a room up together and everywhere i look i just see her and it's doing my head in. last night i found out she kissed another lad after a year together this mad me feel loads better and really hated her then and didn't care we broke up, was i eating and drinking again. just woke up and first thing on my mind was where is my girlfriend and now feeling like crap again what do i do? We also had a little girl witch is 7 months old but at the minute i feel like i need a break from her too and was told this is normal so is it? I dont want to tell my ex that i want a break from my little girl as i no she will use this on me when i do want to start seeing her again.

please help help
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replied July 13th, 2011
Extremely eHealthy
hi, u r not going to like this and if not IGNORE;
u r immature, u lack education, u lack empathy and u need to work on your inability to deal with reality;
if u have a child, TOO BAD, u chose this and now u r responsible
as to childish jealousy GROW UP, u don't get to be a child anymore because u had that opportunity and seems u wasted it; NOW U WILL NEVER LEARN ANY SOONER so start examining how u need to improve and DO IT
I wish u luck, but holding your hand and pretending your complaints r important would be idiotic and not helpful to you AND NEVER helpful to your lady or child
good luck
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