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Unprotected sex during ovulation

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Is it possible for a women to get pregnant if she has unprotected sex(so called "pull out method") during the time that she is ovulating? I know, I've heard and read that you can get pregnant by pre-cum.
Although, I've just recently read that pre-cum does not have semen or sperm unless picked up from a previous ejaculation. I have a lot of reason to doubt that though.

So, is it possible to get pregnant during your ovulation time even if he pulls out?

Please, no rude or negative comments. thanks
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replied November 13th, 2009
Especially eHealthy
Oceanqueen, you can doubt it all you want. Evidence based medical science is however a very precise science and the research studies on the subject is unequivocal.

Pre-cum does not contain sperm. It does not come from the same place as semen and does not pass through or past the sperm. The only way it can contain sperm is if he ejaculated and did not pee between the ejaculation and when he pre-cum. Even if he did not pee, there are very few alive and well sperm left.

Of course this does not mean you can give him a hand job until he ejaculates and then go straight to intercourse. That is just looking for trouble.

A man ejaculating less than 40 million sperms are considered infertile. The highest amount measured in pre-cum during research studies were 5 million halve dead sperms. Any man ejaculating what gets carried out with pre-cum will be considered infertile. Unless you are not one for foreplay or playing before intercourse, he should start pre-cuming long before he inserts his penis so it should be gone by the time it gets into your vagina.

The role of pre-cum is to clean the urethra of the man from harmful substances like urine so that the semen with the sperm in can pass through safely when he ejaculates.

Your problem is not pre-cum but cum. The man's orgasm is closely tied to ejaculation for most men. The close he come to orgasm the more he will want to finish until he reaches the point of no return where he can not stop himself any more.

So even though he might have tried to stop he might not have made it out in time or he might have ejaculated and not told you. For that reason I will not trust the pull out method at all. You are not controlling it but you will have to live with the consequences.

Young men and men that abstained for a while are also notoriously bad controlling their ejaculation and will often ejaculate long before they want to or think they are going to.

So if I am you I will make the rule now. Absolutely no sex at any time without a condom unless you want a baby. Both to protect you from STIs and STDs and pregnancy. Especially when your ovulation horny sets in.
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replied November 14th, 2009
Experienced User
Susan, thank you for clearing that up for me. I've read everything that you wrote before, but wasn't sure if it was true. I've been with my partner for almost two years now and we plan on getting married. We've tried all kinds of condoms, but have found that they are not for us. Mind you, I would never have unprotected sex with just anybody, especially with the risk of STDs and STIs. As for birth control pills, patches, etc., I've been trying to find something that is right for me. I want to find something that will not mess up my system, or worse, make me gain weight and/or have more PMS.
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replied October 4th, 2012
To anyone above. Me and my bf were fooling around tonight. He cumed probably 10 min before we started to fool around again. I gave him oral, and I still tasted some either cum or precum off his penis. He then started rubbing his penis on my vagina and accidently slipped inside me just barely the tip of his penis and only for a second. I am a virgin and I peed about a min or two after it happened. Am I still able to get pregnant? If so what should I do?
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replied October 22nd, 2012
Hi. I had unprotected sex on the 4th of September but he didn't ejaculate inside, only pre-ejaculation but I'm not sure if he ejaculated before. So to be on the safe side, I took postinor 2 that night. I got my period on the 15th of September and it lasted for 12 days. Now its 22nd October and I'm just starting to be having mysterious stomach pain, mood swings, breast tenderness, spotting and all other symptoms of first month pregnancy. Does this mean I'm pregnant or is it just the side effects of postinor 2?
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replied October 19th, 2013
Unprotected Sex-Not TTC
Hello last night my fiance and I had unprotected sex. I didn't know I would be ovulating sometime this week (or if it already happened), until this morning that I noticed my breasts are a little sore and that my period is due in two weeks. Since we're not ttc until we get married I was wondering if there's a chance that I could get pregnant, even though he pulled out way before he ejaculated. Before he got inside me we noticed he had a lot of pre cum but didn't think anything of it. Is there something we should be worried about?
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replied February 3rd, 2014
I had recently like 2 days ago had sex with No condom. I have been having a white liquid substance coming out of my vagina, and I don't have any STDs or anything, I just need help to figure out what is going on with it.
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