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24, unplanned pregnancy, single,scared :/

I'm just about 11 weeks pregnant. It was so unplanned and I'm still in shock at everything that has happened in the past three months. I'm just hoping to find people in the same situations. I feel like i have no friends to turn to and no one who understands exactly how i'm feeling. My dads wife keeps asking me "wow arent you so excited....have you thought of names?" etc....I smile and try to blow of her perky questioning because the truth is No i'm not excited that I'm having a baby by myself because the guy ran off. I always pictured when i had a baby that I'd be married to a man i love or at least in a very serious relationship. Now i have to do this all on my own because I made a mistake. I had been in a relationship for a few years and it ended about a year ago, I had taken some time to just be single and after 8 months of being single I was ready to start dating again, but for my first choice i made a huge mistake.
Against my best judgement i decided to date someone quite younger than me. He wanted me to look past the fact he was 19 and that he was ready for a relationship. I agreed after a week of dating his mom had thrown him out for reasons i'm still not 100 percent on....being overly nice i let him stay with me for almost three months. In that three months he couldnt hold a job, never helped out it was frustrating but i was so forgiving for some dumb reason. One day he went to grab something at his parents house he decided to stay the night. It was during this time i found out i was pregnant. I told him and he just never came back. I was so shocked at this i tried to get ahold of him repeatedly and he wouldnt answer any calls or texts....deleted me from Facebook. I finally had to resort to getting ahold of his mom so that they knew that this was happening.
I'm so angry with him and the whole situation. He has recently contacted me stating he wants the kid and will probably fight me for custody when it's born even though he hasnt been around for one second of this pregnancy.
Because of him leaving me alone sick and pregnant I had to quit my job because of how sick i have been from morning sickness, and since he isn't around to pick up the extra slack i was forced to move in with my father and his family Thousands of miles away from my home where i have no friends and i feel absolutely alone. I'm hoping that eventually that the love for this baby will kick in and i'll get excited and be happy but for right now I'm just depressed and angry.
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replied May 22nd, 2012
hey there,
I completely understand what you are going through, though our situations are similar and also different to some extent. I am four months pregg and my boyfriend of one and a half years suddenly doesnt want much to do with me. He doesnt call. He doesnt text. He even blocked me from facebook. What you need to understand is that this could have happened with a man you had known for a long time so dont beat yourself up about the fact that you made a mistake. What I can advise you is that you really need to focus on your baby. You may not see it now but that baby will change your life.And that baby is so innocent and helpless that the least you can do is be there for the baby as a mom out to be. I think what is bothering your boyfriend is immaturity (my boyfriend suffers from the same too). So please be strong and you will make it. Everything happens for a reason. I know it is going to be extremely hard, emotionally and even financially, but you can find assistance and I know deep down that i will be a great mom! wish you all the best dear.
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replied October 22nd, 2012
Hello There,
I also can relate to this alot im 3 Months pregnant im 18 years of age my xbf of 4 years is denying my son, & it hurts to hear the mean things he has to say we all make mistakes in life & he still hasent found a way to get over it but yet again i can forgive him for everything hes done. Specially with the economy being so hard, me still being in school believe me hunn a women becomes a mother wene she hears the bbys heart beat a man becomes a father wene he holds his kid but any cant face the reality many are immature now a days but since its so soon for me aswell unexpectedly believe me and i had just gotten single aswell enjoying my friends and hanging out, but we need to think for our selfs & not focus on them anymore and better our selfs not for us but for our soon to be baby, a child is a miracle of god, there are many single women believe me wene i thought i was gona have kids it was gona be me being married aswell fairy tales dnt alsways come true life throws curve ball but life goes on (:
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