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Unnatural deposit of fat/ potbelly? how to get rid of it!!!

Basically background story. I have a pot belly for aslong as i can remember (goes back til my youth). When i was a teenager, i ate ALOt of junk food/convenience food. But for the past 7 or so years i've become quite the health nut. I've never been fat. I had a bit of puppy fat, at one point but that goes back a very long time ago. I'm pretty slim. There have been times when i've been overly stressed or had a bad break-up and lost quite a bit of weight. I'm about 4'9 and at one point, weighed 42-43 kilo's.
I'm normally around the 45 kilo mark. (99.208 pounds/ 7.08629 stones)

My point is, i'm a very slim person. But i have this huge pot belly which has never disappeared no matter what the weight or diet. (see picture)
http://i62.[image removed]/2n8amtw.jpg

I'm not sure if it's fat, water retention, permanent bloating or god knows what! I'm not sure if it's normal. I've never seen anyone else (at the beach -ect) with a body like mine. I look pregnant! My gut looks ridiculous.

I'm a healthy person. I avoid processed foods, takeaway. I eat really well. I have a very varied and balanced diet. I include ALOT of superfoods and fresh nutrient rich foods. I usually walk for an hour, about 5 times a week. I was mostly vegan for a year, previously, but now include organic meat in my diet. I have grounding shoes, and wear my zapper regularly. I recently did a 3 day juice fast, and a gallbladder/liver flush. I'm not sure why i still have this belly.

If it's purely fat, then maybe i should invest my time doing 200 sit ups each day. But the question is, why do i have an unnatural fat deposit over my belly? Could it be something more sinister (parasites, a deficiency, a sluggish intestinal track, an allergy- ect?) If so, i'm open to hear about suggestions. I'm willing to try anything!!
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replied May 1st, 2014
I have the same problem although i am a guy. From what i read, we need to do cardio exercises to burn the fat off. For example, 1 hr jogging. I am told that if i did this exercise 6 times a week, i will get back to my natural figure. But i can at most do only 3 times a week. Anyway, do your best.

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replied June 2nd, 2014
You should see a nutritionist. They can evaluate your diet and give you recommendations. Also, you may want to be tested for a gluten sensitivity, pot belly is one symptom that can come from gluten sensitivity, if that is the cause no diet will help. Also, you talked about doing fasts, fasts are a good way to detox but they trigger your body to think you are starving so it will put more fat on once the fast is done.

Sit ups will help you build muscle but won't necessarily burn fat as much. To burn fat you need to do high intensity short duration exercises that involve your whole body like sprinting, jumping jacks, rock climbing, swimming, ect., the key is to do these exercises at high intensity for a short period of time, then rest, then do another short period of high intensity then rest.

And make sure you only cook with coconut oil, olive oil can be put over foods but NEVER cook with it as it causes it to degrade and become carcinogenic. Also, do not use any other oils in your diet as other oils will make you store more fat.

These tips are just some that my nutritionist shared with me. You should really talk to a nutritionist so they can evaluate your diet and family history and figure out what will benefit you the most. Good luck!
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replied August 24th, 2014
My husband has a similar problem to this. His fat distributes very strangely on his body... and over the past few years, we have been extremely healthy in our activities and diet. Are you taking any prescription medications or anything by the way? While this doesn't explain it, we did find out that was the likely cause of his continued weight gain even with an improved diet/more exercise. Just something to think about as well.
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