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Unknown mass in nostril

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As of Friday I woke up with a pain (it felt like a "pimple" kind of pain) on the inside of my left nostril next to the middle or "junction"of the columella. The "mass" isn't getting any larger or smaller, but it is rather sensative and firm to the touch and covers a lot of the base and side of the nostril. The area where the mass is has no redness but when looking in the nostrils its a noticeable formation underneath the skin. I don't know how to distinguish an ingrownhair, although, I don't believe it to be a pimple. It's deep enough inside the nostril yet at the base of the nose and upper lip area and as I mentioned, very painful with no signs of redness and it doesn't seem to be getting smaller; it's just a firm, painful mass. Any thoughts?
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