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Unknown head / face pain

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New here. Last year after I had my son, I lost several pounds by exercising, high impact cardio work outs at home--usually on the fly when the baby napped and of course no sneakers. A few months later every time I would exercise I would end up with a hoffic right sided headache and face pain shooting down to my neck and sometimes I feel tingling in my right leg as well. My right temple would indent, my right eye would buldge out. I went to a specialist and he told me I had neurolgia of some sort and muscle spasms. I had some treatment with a needle but then I had to return to walk and never finished the treatment up. I dont remember the drug I was given for the injection. I stopped all excerise last Summer and eventually the horrible pain went away. I restarted my excerise program this month (a year later) and all of a sudden I had another attack of the same exact thing. I had to stop all exercise and now the pain and the indent in my temple started to go away. I took a walk today and it started up again but not as bad. I call these episodes and the pain is really awful along with the indent and the eye buldge all on the right side. Any idea of what this is? I am starting to get concerned. To make matters worse during the time all these episodes came along I had 2 root canals on the right side and I als fell and hit my head on the right side on a hard floor when I carried a baby saucer down the steps. And I do have TMJ as well. All of these things happened last summer when the pain started on that side of my head.
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replied April 11th, 2010
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A few things come to my mind.

- Have you ever looked into Atlas re-adjustments? A slight change in the position of the atlas vertebra, due to for instance a fall or a blow to the head, is a possible cause for difficult neurological problems in this area. It is relatively unknown yet simple and some friends of mine have had amazing results with this. As far as I know there are a number of different methods for getting your atlas alignment checked, and if needed getting it re-aligned. This video is from one of those methods, it explains the general background of what it does; but you may already be familiar with it.

- Have you had a chiropractor look at a possible impinged nerve in your neck or back?

- And I have read a medical case report about someone who consistently got shooting pains in the neck and face after workouts. It turned out he had Eagle's Syndrome. But this is rare though, and hard to diagnose.

Hope this helps, good luck.
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