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Unique situation with my mom's health

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Hi :
I had no other option but to seeking some expert with my mom's situation. My mom she has high diabetics and sugar problem and Ulcer.She takes Insulin. Her problem is Once in a while her body temperature raises, Sugar goes down and she faints and stomach burns a lot. We have took her to ER in June, July, Aug and September. Doctors have done angiogram, androscopy, colonoscopy . Every time she goes they give her some medicine and either situation gets worse for few days or gets stable ( I.E. she was in ER 2 days ago ).They gave her some kind of antibiotics also. I would like to know should I seek any specific doctor or specialist . if so which one? I have lost trust about our local hospital. Should I switch her to different hospital . She lives in NY. Thanks
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replied September 6th, 2013
Extremely eHealthy
I am not an expert but I do know a little about diabetes.

I think it is important before you make any important changes to be certain your mother is managing her diabetes correctly; that she is maintaining the correct diet and lifestyle for her condition and taking the correct insulin at the right times.
It would be wise to take a look at her blood sugar history. You don't say how old your mother is or how long she has been diabetic.

A few years ago diabetes was managed by balancing the amount of food required to function and maintain health in various jobs or lifestyles with a set amount and type of insulin. In those days instant blood tests weren't available and patients used only urine testing. Natural insulin of the beef or pork variety was all that was available. Although diabetics tended to have marginally shorter lives they seemed to have fewer problems due to the regimented way the diabetes was managed.

The change to synthetic insulin of various speeds and strengths created many problems for those used to natural insulin and rigid diets. The addition of instant blood testing allows a less rigid approach to managing the condition - people of low willpower, those likely to suffer from confusion and others do rather tend to fall by the wayside of responsible management.

In my experience medical staff who are skilled and experienced in the management of diabetes are relatively rare, though many claim to be, so even if a patient does attend diabetic clinic regularly they aren't likely to receive the help, advice or support they need or get the good old-fashioned telling-off when they haven't been strict with themselves.

The new more lenient outlook to managing diabetes is something lots of people, by design or accident, take a great deal too much advantage of and this alone can cause many secondary health problems.

The way someone manages diabetes is not something that can be decided simply by taking a quick look and the old, the infirm, the confused and so forth need to be properly monitored or supervised.

Your mother's diet needs to contain foods that are kind to her ulcer and provide the right amount of calories for her lifestyle and any "luxury" foods or indulgences should be minimal and eaten only as part of her diet and at sensible times.
A couple of pieces of chocolate could safely be eaten as a dessert after a main meal but should not really be eaten at any other time, for instance.

This way the amount of insulin that needs to be injected will be minimal.

Illness can disrupt the diabetic balance a great deal so it is very desirable it should be well managed.

I advise you to be certain those who advise and support your mother and her diabetes have the necessary experience.

I have no wish to influence you unduly but I have a friend who is without diabetes but suffers similar symptoms because of diverticulitis. When something becomes trapped in a fold of the gut and causes an attack the effects can be dramatic.
Another friend who has the same condition was advised to drink a pint of beer per day by the hospital staff. He has one or two attacks per year and needs medicating with antibiotics. A friend of my wife's has the same condition and her doctor has told her she must not eat anything with a tough skin or seeds. She has been hospitalised half a dozen times in the last couple of years.

I am sorry but I cannot advise you about your local hospitals.

Good luck!
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