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Unique Case: Screwed Up Right Side of Mandible

For the longest time, I was obsessed that the angle of the jaw bone on the right side of my face stuck out a little more than it did on the left side. So, like 6 months ago, I decided to press inwards on it. Lo and behold, it did move over time so that it is now more symmetrical with the left side in terms of width. However, I slowly realized that I had made a grave error in that now the bottom right side of my jaw now sticks out for some reason, which is in stark contrast from the straight edge of the jawline that I had before. It is also much more curved and significantly less chiseled than the left side. The right side of my chin is also really ugly now. Please help. I've attempted to physically correct it myself, but to no avail. (I realize how dumb I am for doing all of this. I've tried researching more on this, but it seems there are very few or maybe even none other cases like this. Also, I do not think this is TMJ.)
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