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Unidentified virus symptoms

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My wife in mid thirty with no medical history no travel to mountains had about two weeks ago stiff neck and joint pains, her temperature rise to 104 deg F and went to EM twice and checked for meningitis spinal fluid sample and blood work was done for bug related virus, it turn out negative. In two days her ankle swollen with constant vomiting and admitted to the hospital stayed for two days. More lab work none was found. Medical doctors are telling us it is a virus and will go away by itself and no medication except pain killer. Now after 15 days her ankle swelled red painful to touch and unable to walk. Her condition is getting worse and still neck stiffness and joint pains persist. I need help if this is a new virus in the eastern cost of US or someone has any experience. The doctors are unable to identify anything and no medication for all the problems.
My fear is this unidentified virus may change its stage and cause other damage if untreated for long?
If the lab works are negative is there any general medicine based on her physical condition, which can stop the virus or help the body to withstand her sickness?
What shall we do with this condition? May be go to specialist? Which ones?
We keep going to the doctors and feel helpless.
Thank you for advice and help.
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