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Unidentified red marks on my feet

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I don't know what these red marks are...

These were taken on the 6th:

Taken today (11th) of just my right (The one that seems to be worse):

These are on the tops of my feet only... Not the bottom. They also have not spread to anywhere else on my body, or to my girlfriend's feet, who's feet do touch mine. They showed no initial reaction to Benadryl cream, which I started applying a few days ago.

There had been no sensory change until very recently... That is, no itching or pain or anything. Last night, however, my right foot stung a bunch after I applied Benadryl cream. Tonight, it stings very slightly and I have not applied any creams.

I do not walk around barefoot. I wear socks and shoes almost all the time, including in my own apartment. Exceptions to this include: While showering (daily, my girlfriend often showers with me and hasn't gotten this), walking to/from the apartment complex's hot tub (my girlfriend goes in with me and hasn't gotten this, I wear water shoes on the way there & back), and an event at the end of March in a national park that had been on fire a few months prior while sleeping and while showering (wore water shoes between the building with beds and the building with bathrooms/showers).

I stayed at a hotel in another state in early March.

We have a pair of cats. I used to be allergic, but it wasn't my feet that reacted. The allergy seems to have gone away.

My diet is horrific. I take a multivitamin to compensate for my lack of nutrition for now and am slowly working towards being able to eat more normally. It is likely that I have vitamin deficits.

I moved to the state I live in now over a year ago. I have never left the United States. I don't even have a passport.

I haven't gone to a doctor because I'm between jobs (very far in the hiring process at a couple places) and therefore cannot afford health insurance. I get just enough from unemployment not to qualify for any programs that might help me get health insurance.
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