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Unexplained urinary necessity and frequency

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For about a week I have had urinary symptoms I've never had before. It all started on Thursday night, when I began going to the bathroom to pee every 15 minutes. It started about midnight and ceased only about 4am. Everytime I went to the bathroom, there was a large volume of water-clear urine. During the day I had felt some burning when urinating, and I had a strange feeling that "something was not right".

On Friday things seemed back to normal. However, during the weekend I went a little more frequently to the bathroom than usual, but not as much as on Thursday night. On Sunday night I had an episode similar to that of Thursday night, so I went to the ER. They checked my blood PSA level and did an urinalysis. Everything was normal and there were no signs of infection. The unusual thing they found out at the ER is that I had mild hypoglycemia, even though I had eaten white bread and drunk a very sweet grape juice.

The extreme frequency has ceased since Monday, but now I have a constant feeling that I need to urinate. I get the feeling about a minute after voiding my bladder. If I try to void it again, nothing comes out. If I wait about two hours, the feeling eventually intensifies and I urinate normally. There's no pain nor burning and the urine is light yellow and not blurry.

Today I went to a laboratory and asked for a Hemogram and a Creatinine test. Everything came back normal again.

Additional information: the feeling that I need to pee worsens during the day. In the morning I feel perfectly fine. It starts around noon. Another point I think is important to mention is that I don't have nocturia. Once I manage to get to sleep, even though feeling like I need to urinate, I don't wake up again until morning. I seem to be sleeping well, since I don't feel tired nor anything when I wake up.

I've already scheduled an appointment with an urologist, but I'll have to wait for a few more days until that. Does anyone have any idea what this could be? It's making me very anxious.
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replied December 2nd, 2010
I'm having almost exactly the same symptoms and too have an appointment with a urologist in about a week. Its got me worried too. I'm sorry I don't have a solution I wish I did, but good luck and I hope all turns out well.
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replied January 4th, 2011
I'm having much the same problem. It comes and goes. Sometimes it's really bad and then later on it'll be normal. About a week before this started, my urine on occasion would be orange. (I don't remember taking anything that would cause this) I do have an appointment with a urologist, but until tomorrow.....
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