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unexplained symptoms maybe hiv , maybe some blood born pathogen

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anally raped. had ars symptoms 7 days after, headach , diareah, loss of apetite, lost 15 pounds, joint pains, then i kept getting sick. and my stool was clay colored.

later on about 8 weeks which is now i have black stool that has some spots of fuzzy white kind of like cotton on it. A couple of days ago i started to have numbness in my feet , when i checked it out it was red all on the soles and some of the whole toes like big toe. I pressed it and it bloched white and then filled back in read immediately , it looks like blood.

My stool has been clay like and never moushy always hard and clumpy for about 4 weeks now. Have had numerous hiv test but nothing comes up , yet.

should i have a blood test done or something?
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replied April 4th, 2011
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