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Unexplained symptoms and dizziness after hematuria. CT Results

Hello. One week ago I was feeling fantastic and going for a run. Before the run, I had a dull burning/unpleasant feeling in my penis. I did not run and went to the restroom and urinated blood. This is the first time this has happened. I went to urgent care and they ran tests showing blood and protein in urine with a very slight rise in WBC. They recommended Cipro and visit PC doc. A urologist friend I have said he would see me the next day. He ran a urine test with slight blood and no protein. He scheduled a CT and Cysto. He also said do not take the Cipro that was prescribed because of normal WBC at the visit. Since that day, I have had a very difficult time urinating and some slight pain when doing so. Frequent urination and so on. The biggest problem I am having now if dizziness and very low strength. I have tried to walk/run and I cannot complete any of these exercises. I am dizzy all day long and I am just not myself. CT results were normal except a possible BPH. Visit to my PC doc confirmed no blood or protein in the urine. My question is how did I go from being in the best shape of my life and running 6 times a day to now, having blood in my urine and too tired, weak and dizzy to do anything? Would BPH cause these other symptoms besides the urination part? Should I have kept taking the Cipro? Urologist says he has no concern of cancer at all and my cysto will be done in about a week. Do I by chance have an infection regardless of the blood/urine test numbers? All of them came back normal since the first incident. Any help is much appreciated! I cannot understand the dizziness/tiredness that hit the same day I had the hematuria. Thanks!
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