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Unexplained Side Effects of Mirena

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I had my first child in '06 and lost the weight in a few months.

I found out I was pregnant AGAIN and my first was only 9 months. I was thinking hardly about getting mirena since I obviously didn't keep up with oral contraceptives after my first pregnacy, I figured merina would be best for me.

I talked with my OB and she agreed with the idea because I was 20 pregnant with my second child.

My major concern was wieght gain.. "Will I gain weight? (because we all know most BC make us gain). And she informed me, it is rare to gain exessive wieght on this because of the low hormone dose. I trust my OB to the fullest and decided I would choose this for my form of BC. Didn't have to remember to take a pill everyday and probably light to no more period.. sounded like Heaven... I was wrong.

I had the Mirena inserted 7 weeks after the birth of my second daughter. I only bleed for about 10 days after insertion and dealt with horrible cramps for about a day. I could deal with that. The next month my periods stopped but I felt bloated all the time and seemed like I had gained weight. Like most women exspecially after having a baby, I seem to avoid the scale. I noticed the next month the jeans I had just bought a month ago were snug I knew I had gained weight.

I have gained between 10-15 pounds since I have had mirena fitted almost 7 months ago. Every time I jump on the scale my weight is different. If I loose a couple I will have gained it back sometimes more within the next couple days. I feel like I am 4 months pregnant because of the bloating, gas, moodiness, and swollen mid section. I have heard once you get mirena removed seems like a layer of fat has been taken off mid section.

I am not saying I eat the most healthy diet but I dont eat horrible thats for sure, home cooked meals everyday. There should be no reason that I just keep gaining weight. I have tried diet and exercise, cleanses, vitamian... NOTHING has worked.

When I was a teenager I had outbreaks but never bad acne. With my second pregnacy I has beautiful glowing clear skin which stayed that was after I had her. Once the Merina was inserted I stated to break out on my fourhead and chin. It is not extreme acne but it is more than I ever had before.

I have no sex drive what so ever. One minute I am laughing and the next I am yelling for no apparent reason or cying over something stupid. It's like I PMS everyday. My boyfriend tells me I am crazy.

I seem to have become extremely gassy and if I am not constipated, I have diarhea and bad. I read in another forum mirena caused this particular person to have IBS. That totally sucks. But what I am expierncing now... seems like a minor case of IBS.

After hearing on the news, a lot of women are gettin pregnant or the iud is attaching to the uterine wall somehow, I have been highly considering removal. In addition to all the other side affects I've expierenced, I do not want another child right now.

Does anybody have advise or positive/negative effects from removal?
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First Helper htmz6911

replied May 22nd, 2009
Mirena Removed today 5/21/09
I had Mirena inserted in September of 2004, my OB did not push it on me I'm the one who inquired about it. I did not need it for BC reasons due to my husband having a vasectomy a few months after the birth of our 2nd child. I got it because my OB thought BC would help with the symptoms of PCOS and I didn't want to take the pill, shot or any other kind of BC so Mirena sounded like something that would be awesome. The insertion was not that bad, it was a little uncomfortable and I had some cramping for the rest of the day and slight cramping the next 2 days, Advil helped with that. I spotted off and on for a few weeks but was told before hand that was to be expected. Over the course of the next few months my periods got lighter and shorter......I didn't really shed any tears over that! After that I rarely had periods if I did it was for 1-2 days and so light I didn't have to use a tampon or pad.

After the first year to year and a half I started to experience severe mood swings, I would be fine one minute and then yelling the next, the littlest things would set me off, that is not me I am a very laid back person. I had to be put on Effexor and that seemed to help with the mood swings, I was only on Effexor for about 2-3 months and then got off it. I have been pretty good with keeping my anger/ mood swings in control, except for the last few months and I have started up with the "anger" issues (as my hubby likes to call it) again. I gained tons of weight and can't get it off no matter what I eat and how much I work out. I am exhausted all of the time no matter how much sleep I get. My very healthy thick hair has turned brittle and started thinning, I will get bouts dandruff that nothing seems to help. After the bouts of dandruff my hair would go back to normal for a few days to weeks and then it would turn really oily, I have never had oily hair or dandruff. My breasts got huge I went from a 36 (large C to small D) to a 38-40 DD-DDD (of course the size increase could be due to the weight gain) and at times they hurt so bad I wanted to scream!!!! Acne was bad until I went to a dermatologist and he put me on an oral medication and 2 different medications to put on my face one in the AM and one in the PM so my acne got better by being on those things. I have noticed a few dark spots on my face recently, like age spot, I'm only 32. I shouldn't have "age" spots!!! I now have lots of hair above my upper lip that I have to Nair (Im looking into laser removal) and started sprouting chin hairs......really sexy.....the husband loves it......NOT! I also have gotten lots of hair that trails from my naval to the top of my pubic hair line. On a man that is what I call a treasure trail, on me I call it gross! My hubby is so sweet and supportive even when I bite his head off and he is not getting to have sex. My sex drive comes and goes.......but mostly stays gone! For the about the past year I have had vague but constant cramps. If I remember correctly I started seeing a Chiropractor for a constant pain in my lower back more towards my left side, shortly having Mirena inserted. I had my self convinced 1-2 years ago that I was pregnant because of the sore breasts, tiredness, mood swings and the fact that my stomach looks like I am 5-6 months pregnant and I started to feel a light "fluttering" sensation in my uterus like you feel when you first feel a baby move when you are pregnant. I went out and bought a home test, it was negative, like I figured it would be. (What would be the chance that I would end up pregnant when I have and IUD and the hubby is neutered!!!!!)

I have been to my Primary Care Physician (PCP) several times in the lat 2-3 years over many of these issues. My main concern was the weight gain (60 lbs). I am a Police Officer and can not afford to be carrying all this extra weight or have irritability or mood swings!!! I was afraid at one point if a male suspect pissed me off while I was dealing with thim that I would likely beat him to death! My (PCP) told me the weight gain was my fault I need to workout more and eat less. I argued with him many times on that issue. i have tried several different types of diets, weight watchers, food and workout journals and nothing seemed to helps me drop weight. I know how I eat and what my workouts consist of. I told him I could understand gaining a lot of weight if all I did was sit around and eat bon-bons and McDonalds and never moved a muscle. But since I have 2 small children, a husband, a house to take care of and a job, I don't get the luxury of laying around much. He basically called me a liar (I am changing PCP's because of his comments). Many days i suffer with headaches, some days worse that others. I have had my PCP check my Thyriod and just a few weeks ago had him do a 2 hours blood glucose test to check for Diabetes, thankfully all of those tests came back normal. But I was at a loss for why I keep packing on the pounds and can't get them off. I was frustrated and at my wits ends with the weight issue.

I started doing some of my own research and came across several blogs/forums about Mirena Side effects. Alot of the women were experiencing several of the same issues as myself. Up until that point I had always loved the Mirena and thought I didn't have problems with it.

I had my OB remove it today, the removal was not bad at all. All I felt was him inserting the speculum, he told me I would feel a slight cramping sensation, I didn't even feel that. He also said I would spot for the next few days, as of yet I have not spotted at all. I even discussed with him that if my symptoms don't improve by the time I have my Pap in September then I would consider having another one inserted. I am kinda torn, on one hand I hope it is the Mirena that has caused all these problems for me, but on the other had I will be disappointed if it is because I will sure miss not having periods and that extra protection for BC, even though my husband is fixed (I'm paranoid about getting pregnant again, I love my kids but DO NOT want any more). I will keep everyone posted on how I am feeling and if my "issues" go away! Wish me luck!

As far as telling other women to not get it, I can't say right now one way or the other. I do know medications work differently for everyone, what works for me might not for you or vice-versa. I would suggest getting it and then really pay attention to your body, you know what it normal for you, no one else does. I will keep everyone updated!
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replied July 14th, 2009
Thank you this is VERY interesting to read. I had my coil fitted probably about a month ago and my skin is SO bad, it doesn't bode well as I am a skin care consultant and look after my skin really well, it has only happened after the coil was put in. Do you think the hormone change has occured that quickly!? I'm awaiting my next period, I'd be glad to see what happens, but have been experiencing the moods, cramping and a bit of spotting, I didn't want this fitted but def didn't want to go on the pill, but like you (htmz6911) def don't want any more children!! I will be discussing with my Doc about the side effects I have been getting. I wish you all luck!!
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replied August 28th, 2009
ive the mirena coil for about 8 months now and have actually lost 15-20 pounds. i have a very short, light period about every 3 months and dont have any unusualy moodiness, irritability, or bloating. only thing i worry about with Mirena is that i have never been able to feel the coil inside me to check if it is in place... i dont know why i cant feel it and never could.
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replied October 6th, 2011
Iud issues
I had the iud after my first child and I was in love with it no periods so I loved not having to worry about BC, but after about a year I had gained a ton of weight before I had my daughter I was a size 3 I went up to a size 16 after having the iud put in. And I started cramping alot and I wound up having cysts on my ovaries and I was only 20 at the time it caused so many issues with my ovaries that I went through so much testing and they even talked about doing a hysterectomy and at the age of 20 and being newly marred it was scary so I asked the doctor to take out the iud before doing the hysterectomy so I could atleast have one more kid. Well needless to say I had it taken out and within 3 months everything cleared up and I don't need a hysterectomy and I'm 2 1/2 years free of it and I got down to a size five and had another baby no problem
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