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unexplained seizures?

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so my father never had seizures, untill one day he had one! We took him to one hospital and they said that he was fine, that he was just passing out because the lack of oxygen. They said that because something like perfume, candles, or anything with a strong smell will make his throat close up and he seizures. After that doctor visit, they just got worse and worse. After having enough, my mom made him go to another hospital, there we found out he had asthma, and thats why his throat was closing up. He got a little better, but then the other day, all he did was laugh, and he had a small seizure. What could this be? I just dont believe the asthma has everything to do with his seizures? could it be a damaged nerve somewhere and when he gets worked up it's causing the episodes? Could it be a pinched nerve somewhere? anything would be better then the fact he's got asthma and that he has cough syncopes, because now he doesn't even have to caugh, its laughing and everything else now! PLEASE HELP.
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replied April 11th, 2011
there is a disorder called cataplexy-some would call it seizures-- if he goes out and his head is down-- chin to his chest this could cause problems with breathing sometime head is aliened proper and still can have breathing problems --son has cataplexy and smells cause him to trigger and he appears to faint/seizure-others things causes triggers--stress, happy, sad or all in between even being startled-- we were told he had asthma no he does not have asthma--laughing sad or in between is a trigger to what appears to faint /seizer but what happens is the body goes into REM but the head has not --while your father his out is he aware of whats going on around him and can he hear people talking/sounds--has he ever lost lower body function--has problem walking staggering--brain fog /confusion--sleeping problems
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