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Unexplained pain and vomiting in a healthy, nonpregnant woman

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My girlfriend is a healthy, 36 year old mixed race woman who has had a robust dietary constitution for all her life. For the past 11 months, she has been experiencing bouts of extreme abdominal pain and vomiting intermittently- perhaps on average once or twice per month- and we cannot figure out the cause.

Tests have ruled out some causes- she has had a colonoscopy, an endoscopy and had stool, urine and blood samples, all of which have come up with normal results.

She is definitely not pregnant (we are a lesbian couple). She was a social smoker but gave up entirely approximately 3-6 months ago. She currently seldom consumes alcohol. Until this problem began, she had virtually never vomited in her adult life, which makes the suddenness of this problem more surprising and extreme.

When the problem strikes, it causes intense pain until she is able to vomit (she tries to avoid inducing vomiting but this is sometimes hard to avoid given the extremity of the pain). Sometimes it takes several bouts of vomit to empty her stomach. When this has run its course, the pain greatly subsides (though not immediately) and she usually bounces back to normal within 12-24 hours.

During the initial tests she began having (approx 4 months ago) her doctors told her not to alter her diet so that they could rule out other causes. At this point, with those tests out of the way, we are very worried and want to find the cause but there is no obvious pattern and it seems to strike when least expected.
Short of seeking the advice of a dietician or nutrition expert, can anyone suggest next steps for a patient in her position?

EDIT: she is on a daily dose of 150mg Sertraline (and has been for several years). She was prescibed omeprazole about 6 months ago and also has a supply of domperidone to combat nausea but the latter seems to have no effect (in some cases she has felt that the domperidone actually feels like it hinders the progress of food through her system and lengthens the abdominal agony.)
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