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Unexplained pain and bleeding a lot

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I started getting severe cramps with back pain 10 days before my period i thought this was part of pms even though it was so severe then comes the day i get my period it wasn't normal the pain wasnt the normal pain it was excruciating and i was bleeding a lot i had to change my pad every hour from the amount of blood the blood was bright red not a lot of clots it lasted 6 days which isnt normal for me and it was 6 days of a lot of bright red blood that filled all my pads on the 7th day it ended and i was still getting severe cramps in my lower abdomen and the pain is also in my lower back and also im getting a smelly from my volva and white stains which i think is discharge and under my hips im also getting pain there (im not good in english sorry) i dont know whats going on plz i need help ps im 20 iv been getting my period since i was 11 and they've been regular 28 days
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replied October 9th, 2013
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I am sorry I am not qualified to advise you other than to strongly suggest you see your doctor quite quickly.

After almost a decade of regular and normal periods such a large departure from what is normal for you should be brought to the attention of your doctor, especially considering the colour and the amount of the blood and the pain.

Good luck!
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