@@ I am not a doctor but im giving you information from my doctor and from what ive learned from living with this pain for three years. In my case the reason why I have TMD is i dont have a even bite and i dont have a upper molar and my former dentist shaved down alot of my teeth which is bad. my doctor says the reason why alot of people of TMD is because of a uneven bite. I believe that an uneven bite will affect your tongue which needs to be resting on your pallat completely not just touching the tip of the pallat and you need to relax your tongue ... I also believe that when the tongue rests on the pallat it affects your sinuses 100% which effects alot of the muscles in your body... dont ask me why this is from my experience I am not a doctor but i believe unbalanced bite + not relaxed tongue on pallat not on teeth + sinus issue. I believe the sinuses connect to alot of your muscle and it wants your tongue to rest on your pallat with a even bite.... in my case atleast i believe this to be true... but through this ive learned alot and there's still alot to be learned, but my doctor has gotten my through alot of pain and showed me alot thanks for listening
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