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Undiagnosed bump on cervix/upper vaginal wall

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A couple weeks ago I noticed a bump/nodule approximately one finger length inside my vagina - I believe it's on the cervix, since it's on a hard smoother area further inside. It's on one side and is hard, like the tip of an eraser, but smaller (1/2 cm?). I went to the doc and she couldn't feel it - however, she sent me for an ultrasound (pelvic & internal) which came back normal - normal cervix, etc. I thought it may be a harmless nabothian cyst; however, she couldn't find it/feel it!! My husband did feel it, so I know I'm not imagining things. I'm going in for a follow-up, but question is: Can nabothian cysts be hard to see on inspection for a doc sometimes? Is there any other way to diagnose what it could be since the ultrasound came back clear? How long do they typically last & do they change rapidly (so if she still can't find anything, I can monitor it myself)? Is cancer a possibility if the ultrasound came back clear? I have no pain and no other symptoms. Thanks in advance for any help!
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replied April 3rd, 2011
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