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Underweight - gaining body mass

Weight: 115-120lbs
Hieght: 5'11"
BMI: 16.0
Lifestyle: Active
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Medical History: Diabetic Family
Average Diet: Mostly Meat
Blood Type: B-

Something must be wrong with me. Im 22 already and I'm still underweight and not just by a little. I remember when I was a kid I also use to be skinny but not as much... can something be done?
I've tried many things and I still cant figure it out. Why am i so underweight. Im completely healthy (to my understanding), I get my aviation medical examiner to check me annually to see that im fit for flying. Im hardly ever sick and when I am, It doesn't last longer than most people in my family or friends.

PS: One thing I found out is that my body tends to overheat when I consume a lot of calories(1000 cal within 30min of consumption)... is this metabolism or something else... its like my body converts energy into heat when it gets above some kind of tolerance...

I've tryed:
- High Calorie Intake (supplements 1000 calories per drink)
- Eating out lots (mcdonalds, burger king etc..) food that make people fat
- Weight training

What is the average weight gain per month rate with a high calorie intake supplement?
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replied March 1st, 2010
Hey same age, same size. No some of the worlds best athletes are about the same size as us, look up bantamweight or featherweight boxers, there are even professional boxers, that make a living as athletes starting at 100lbs, manny pacquiao being one of them.

The main thing you have to understand about nutrition is that everyones different.
If you want to get "big" you have to eat "big", but too much protein can put strain on your body. One natural food that us high metabolism "birds" love are fruits and sugary items.... these are high in simple carbs but they dont give you the kind of weight gain you want and we burn up the energy real fast.

That being said it is IMPORTANT to have a protein BASE.... I would recommend drinking protein shakes, in moderation, to SUPPLEMENT not REPLACE meals.

if you want to gain the weight, youve got to eat PASTA, cereal, GRAINS(bread, potatos, etc.) get those blood sugar levels up(pending of course you dont suffer from diabetes or a similar afflication)... you want to eat all the starchy foods that most people cant seem to stop eating but us skinny guys dont as much care for. Eat even when your not hungry constantly, lots of small meals all day long... youll gain the weight.

You're also young, believe me your metabolism will slow as you get old... alot of young athletes (look up ramon dekkers muay thai champion, or prince naseem a boxer), both those dudes were like rails and whent heir metabolisms slowed they had to deal with fat. Pretty soon that will be you, so live it up while you still can! youll have the rest of your life to get fat.
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replied March 1st, 2010
also I want to state that eating LEAN protein rich meals IS important to gain weight, chicken breasts, lean beef cuts, and shitloads of EGGS and MILK is a necessity.... just dont exceed 150-200grams a day or you might put strain on your kidneys... TUNA and fish are EXCELLENT and full of all sorts of anti inflammatory agents and amino acids... Goodluck!
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replied May 17th, 2010
Hi! Don't be such in a hurry to gain weight. When you reach the age of 25 your metabolism tends to slow down. Yes, you will gain the weight very soon.... even when you don't want it. Cheers!
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replied July 26th, 2010
Its so easy for people to judge and say dont be in a hurry when there not underweight..... p****s me off! everyone focuses on helping with weight loss and completely forget about weight gain.... just because being skinny is more socially acceptable doesnt mean we should forget about it....

Iv searched so much for weight gain products etc.. n its just a waste of money!

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replied November 7th, 2011
I 100% agree with you, I am 33 with 2 kids and I only weigh 71lbs. It is so hard for me to find clothes that actually fit me! I am constantly eating, I eat everything and anything and nothing seems to work! It is really frustrating!!
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replied November 8th, 2011
I think it is ok to be skinny. I have been skinny ever since I was a child. My diet is ok,I eat food which has good nutritional value and I seldom eat inbetween meals. Doctor said that my body is that way and there is no problem in being skinny as long as I am not sick. I think one's body constitution depends on genetic makeup as my grandfather is skinny too
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