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Understanding ovulation dates ?

Hi,me and my boyfriend are trying to have our first child..... I have just gotton off the IUD and we started the next day could I get prenant. The this is i just dont no when o ovulat or when I come on my period... because i never had a period while on the IUD. I really need help trying to understand when I ovulat.... Thanks
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replied February 23rd, 2010
Especially eHealthy
Cesely, It is impossible to know when you will ovulate after coming off the IUD. Unless you do ovulation tests, you should probably should only start to look for ovulation after your first menstruation. Even then your next few cycles may be very irregular.

Of course sex every second day will guarantee that your "bases are loaded" when you ovulate. Just don't let it become a job. That is the quickest way to make your boyfriend get a headache giggle

Best of luck TTC!
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