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Understanding Microgynon 20 packet

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I am just about to change birth control from Levlen ED to Microgynon 20 ED. In my Levlen ED 28 day packet it had a red section, showing you when you should be expecting your period where as the Microgynon 20 ED does not. I would just like to know when I should be expecting my period and for rufly how long.
All advice is appreciated
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First Helper UnknownABC

replied January 13th, 2010
Especially eHealthy
Your period should arrive when you get to the white pills (after the 21 pink ones). I assume you know that not all woman will bleed from day 1 of the inactive pills or for the full 7 days.

Keep on taking the pills one after the other, the packs one after the other regardless of what your periods do. The new pill's hormones will force your cycle to adapt to it. You should never adjust your pills to fit your cycle.

Best of luck!
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