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under the skin of my testicles is a hard as rock white ball !

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bump like pimple under the skin of my testicles is a hard as rock white ball size of a white head, but i cut it out with tweezers
and took it out, and theres a lot of blood, but it looks like a egg! so small but i popit open and it was nard to sweez but had the same afect as a pimple would and white stuff come out, do any of you know what this could be? and now its been a few days but it stings now, maybe i killed it , like it was living in there?
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replied February 7th, 2011
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I think you have developed a spermatocele cyst. It protrudes to the scrotum skin from epididymis and can be very little, just like yours but it could also enlarge to the couple of centimeters. This cyst contains milky fluid with some traces of spermatozoa. Like you said, they are not painful but could be pretty uncomfortable if they grow big.

When they are small and asymptomatic, they are left alone as they cause no harm and they don’t affect fertility. However, they could be removed by spermatocele aspiration.

I was also reading about some other scrotal cysts that are considered a normal anatomical variant that can be flesh colored or have white on the top. These cysts are also left alone.
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