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uncontrollable urges for sexual stimulation.

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My problem is that sometimes I get these strange urges from my clitoris for stimulation. When it happens I can't ignore them or it will bother me severely - even physical pain won't make it stop. If if I masturbate to orgasm, the feeling will return in a few minutes unless I distract myself. These seem to happen randomly and I'll even wake up at night because of it. This is hampering my life, and I need an answer!
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replied January 29th, 2010
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If it interferes with your life, you need to see your doctor. Do you take any medicines that can cause it? How old are you and when did it start?

Your monthly cycle is also such that you will normally be very horny around ovulation but during the rest of your cycle the urge is not as powerful.

Best of luck with your problem!
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replied December 2nd, 2011
Uncomfortable sensations on clitoris
The week before I menstruate I have similar symptoms. Symptoms occur more often closer to the 1st day of the menstruation and usually subsides naturally a few days after the cycle begins. I also wake up in the middle of the night sometimes. Symptoms include- my entire area down there gets hot, sensitive, and uncomfortable. It feels as if I have to pee but can't. I do not have swelling that I know of. No feelings of horniness accompany these symptoms. I sometimes feel that if I put pressure on it the symptoms can subside a bit but how long can you do that before getting noticed? Unfortunately, I am unable to concentrate on anything until the feeling goes away. I have , however, found a remedy that works for me. The only way to get the symptoms to subside is to masterbate (ranging 1-7 orgasms) when finally the area is back to normal and I am sane. It is not a longing desire that can wait until you see your loved one, but a immediate biological need that can make you end up doing crazy things like masterbating in an office, bathroom, car, etc... It is hasty, relentless, and hard core raw need.
fyi, I have had this since I was about 25 and I am now 30 but I vividly remember as a teenager I had these same sensations but never knew how to remedy them. I do not have a std.

I have never met anyone that has symptoms like mine as you are the first that is even close.
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