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Uncleaved Oocytes after 3 failed ICSI

Im 29 year old and my husband is 30...i have gone thru 5 IUI's, 1 laproscopy, and 3 ICSI's. On my 1st IUI i had conceived...but i started bleeding by the 5th week.Then i tried 4 more IUI's during which those months my menstruation blood stinks are more dark brown in color. My pelvicscopy shows im perfect.

Then i went for ICSI, where for the 1st one they showed 3 follicles, and during aspiration, 1 was empty and other 2 was abnormal oocytes. Doc said some sort of nutrient canal was missing in those oocytes. But both the eggs fertilised but none of them cleaved.

For my 2nd ICSI,they increased my dosage of recagon and gonal-F, and the scan showed 5 follicles, but during aspiration all 4 were empty and got one oocyte which was of M2 stage.That egg ferlised but failed to cleave.

Then for my 3rd attempt, we tried growth hormaone SAIZEN , where we got 7 oocytes this time. But unfortunately, doc said 1 gt degenrated, 1 was abnormal and 2 was discolored and they said the rest 3 was normal ones. But again, unforunately, the three eggs fertilized but did not cleave.

When we spoke to our embroyologists she said the 1 egg tried to divide its cell but stopped and the rest 2 failed to divide right from the start.

Doc said IVM cant help in this case. Please can anyone tell me if this is a genetic disorder.
I did karyotyping which turned out normal. Doc said my hushband has got 80% motility and 62 million count and dint send him for any sort of blood testing. does he need to test too?

Will donor egg help...since other charas in my uterus is ok?

-depressed and confused
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